Ken Hedberg was born in Portland, Oregon in 1920.  He had always been interested in science, but knew Chemistry was where he'd spend his career when he checked out a Chemistry book from his local library shortly after graduating High School in 1937.  He graduated from Oregon State College with a BS in Chemistry in December 1942.

After getting his BS, Ken worked for the Shell Development Co. from 1943-1946, working on ways of making synthetic rubber for the war effort.  From 1946 to 1956, Ken spent his time at Cal Tech, not only earning his PhD, but completing several Research Fellowships before being hired as an Assistant Professor, here at Oregon State University.

Ken's professorship at OSU is a long and prestigious one.  In his time, he has graduated 18 PhD's and four Masters.  He's mentored an additional 18 post-docs and to date has overseen the research of 15 Undergraduate students, two of which were in the University Honors College.  He's received numerous awards, most recently, the 2013 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Senior Scientist Mentor Award which will allow him to continue funding Undergraduate research.